Amador County

Sierra Wind Wellness & Recovery Center

Sierra Wind is a peer-led self help center offering advocacy, support, resource linkage, benefits acquisition, culturally diverse support groups, patients’ rights advocacy, and free meals daily.  The program is funded by the Mental Health Services Act through Amador County Behavioral Health Services.  All are

welcome at Sierra Wind.  Check out Sierra Wind’s calendar of events and support groups and track the latest developments at the center on Sierra Wind’s Facebook page!


The center is open Monday – Friday each week from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, and is located at:


10354 Argonaut Lane
Jackson, CA  95642
(209) 223-1956


Consider volunteering or facilitating a support group at Sierra Wind!


For more information, contact Trina Ozier at or (209) 223-1956.



  • Stress Management

Using innovative strategies, this program improves individuals’ and families’ self-management of toxic stress in their daily lives, reduce emotional distress, and prevent serious mental illness, substance abuse, and other challenging mental and physical health conditions.  To accomplish this, NorCal MHA has conducted three WRAP® prerequisite trainings and one WRAP® facilitator training, resulting in seven newly-certified WRAP® facilitators throughout Amador’s diverse communities who use this evidence-based practice in a variety of settings to improve the lives of the County’s residents.  Moreover, NorCal MHA offers walking, yoga, and meditation classes at its Sierra Wind Wellness & Recovery Center and will be implementing Mindfulness groups (a proven practice that is just as effective as cognitive behavioral therapy) to help individuals better manage both chronic and acute stress.  For more resources on how to effectively manage stress in your life, click here.

  • Wellness Day

Our Wellness Day program provides ongoing outreach and engagement services to residents of rural communities within Amador County.  The goals of the Wellness Day events are to: (1) provide access to services for children and families and other at-risk residents in their local communities; (2) achieve greater participation in community-based health screenings amongst rural populations; and (3) increase community-based referrals to Amador County Behavioral Health Services. Through the efforts of collaborative community partner agencies participating in Wellness Day events, individuals and families from isolated rural communities gain access to services and supports, groups, education classes, and training opportunities in their own communities.  Check out the Amador Wellness Day Facebook page for the latest program updates!


For more information, contact Trina Ozier at or (209) 223-1956.

Patients’ Rights Advocacy

The Patients’ Rights Advocate (PRA) receives, investigates, and seeks to resolve complaints from or concerning clients residing in licensed mental health or community care facilities regarding abuse, unreasonable denial, or punitive withholding of rights guaranteed under the California Welfare and Institutions Code.  To this end, the PRA represents the explicit expressed interests of adult and adolescent clients in resolving complaints related in inpatient care and at certification review hearings in

accordance with the provisions of Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5250 et seq.


For more information, contact Trina Ozier at or (209) 223-1956.

PHONE | (916) 366-4600

     FAX | (916) 855-5448

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