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Our Attention is on Consumers

Greetings Friends, Families, and Community Partners:


Welcome to Cal Voices website.  We are working hard to update our site to provide more meaningful content, accessibility and information regarding our programs, policies and advocacy efforts.  


As many of you know, we have been working diligently on our statewide advocacy contracts for clients in the public mental health system through our ACCESS program and the LGBTQ community through our local outreach and social media campaigns like #Out4MentalHealth.  We are very grateful to the MHSOAC and CCJBH for commissioning these grants and ensuring we have diverse voices represented in our local and statewide advocacy efforts. Feel free to peruse our websites for more information.


Meanwhile, we continue providing many of the services we have been offering for decades, including our Client/Family Advocacy programs in Sacramento County, Placer County, and  Sierra Wind Wellness and Recovery Center in Amador County. All of our programs are managed and staffed by peers with lived experience. We are deeply committed to ensuring clients, families and underserved communities have agency in the stakeholder process and are driving system transformation and change in the public mental health system.   


While much of our advocacy efforts are focused on the public mental health system, we are also working in the private sector providing evidenced based peer support services through Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Integrated Care. This partnership continues to present exciting new challenges and opportunities for Cal Voices.


In closing, we encourage you to participate in our advocacy work and to stay tuned for upcoming opportunities, position statements and legislative advocacy alerts. There are always new policies, and technologies driving research, innovation and advocacy efforts.  While it’s important to be an agile organization, we will always remain true to our original mission in terms of advocating for improved access to recovery based services, that are client driven and culturally responsive.


With warmest regards,

 Susan Gallagher, MMPA
Executive Director, Cal Voices


Contact Susan by email or call (916) 366-4600.

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