SAMHSA releases report on behavioral health workforce needs

SAMHSA has released the “Behavioral Health Workforce Report,” which documents effective mental and substance use disorder treatment models and pertinent staffing needs – as part of the agency’s goal to increase access to evidence-based mental and substance use disorder care.

Recommendation #5:

Conclusion: The discussion of the behavioral health workforce should also take into account the important role of peers in the treatment and the recovery process. Recently, there has been an emergence of recovery support centers or “recovery cafes” that encourage peers to support those in treatment. Recovery support centers may also provide critical services for individuals in recovery such as food, social support, access to housing, recovery education, and referrals to more specialized services. In order to ensure that clients remain in treatment and can fully engage in productive activities, peer support should be a critical part of the behavioral health team and represent a major workforce need.

View the report here.

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