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ACCESS California is a statewide consumer-led public behavioral health advocacy program of Cal Voices.

Clients/Consumers in California’s Public Behavioral Health System (PBHS) are facing unprecedented challenges to meaningful advocacy and involvement in behavioral health policy decisions. These challenges stem from sweeping legislative changes and massive shifts to statewide policy priorities that are upending how the PBHS has operated for the past two decades, impacting everything from who receives services, how and where services are accessed, the nature and focus of these services, who delivers them, and the long-term outcomes service recipients can expect to achieve. 


ACESS California is dedicated to elevating and empowering the client voice throughout California. We implement strategies to elevate voices, identify needs and increase public participation of client stakeholders to drive truly transformative change in the Public Behavioral Health System. We envision a Public Behavioral Health System in which programming priorities and funding decisions are developed and continue to evolve through an ongoing collaboration between agency leaders, clients receiving services, and other community stakeholders.  

What We Do
Access California Does Not Provide Direct Mental Health Services or Referrals
  • Public Policy

  • Education

  • Engagement

  • Local Advocacy

  • Statewide Advocacy

  • Research

Contact Us!

Email:   |   Phone: (916) 573-0522

Address: 720 Howe Avenue, Suite 102, Sacramento, CA 95825

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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