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Professional Development

Peer Support Specialists grow and learn in their role. Both SAMHSA and DHCS have both identified growth and development as a core competencie for Peer Support Specialists

Peer Support Specialist Resources
A collection of materials and resources to support peer support professionals in their work.

WISE Peer Toolkit for Workplace Success
This Toolkit is intended to be a handy reference guide for individuals with lived experience to help them find and maintain peer positions in the Public Mental Health System (PMHS), as well as easy access to information regarding available tools, resources, best practices, and workplace supports related to peer employment. The toolkit includes practice guidelines and real-world direction for peers working and volunteering in the PMHS and for individuals seeking to enter the peer profession. This toolkit contains vital resources, personal reflection exercises, and tips. 

WISE Consumer Advocate Liaison Practice Manual
The information and resources in this Manual are intended to provide a historical context to the role, paint a clear picture of the knowledge, skills and abilities Consumer Advocate Liaisons bring to the Public Mental Health System, and provide tools and tips on how to strengthen these vital positions to the local mental health systems (counties) across California.

Peer Certification

Behavioral health peer professionals now have the option to become Nationally Certified and/or become a Certified Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist in California. WISE U is certified to train peers for both certifications.

California Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist Certification

Senate Bill (SB) 803 created a new provider and service type eligible for Medi-Cal reimbursement through the county mental health and behavioral health plans. Now current and future, behavioral health peer professionals can seek certification to become a Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist for Medi-Cal members.

National Certified Peer Specialist Credential

The National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS) credential supports peers in demonstrating their expertise, leading to better wages, more opportunities in public and private behavioral health, and career ladders. The NCPS credential is an advanced credential that recognizes peers who have extensive experience and a large knowledge base that sets them apart.

Professional Associations

California Association of Peer Professionals (CAPP)

CAPP is California's peer professional membership organization for both certified and non-certified behavioral health peer professionals. Benefits include access to peer training and professional development activities, ongoing legislative advocacy and grassroots campaigns, networking, employment support, convening and conferences, as well as technical assistance. CAPP also provides technical assistance to peer employers, counties, policymakers, and other relevant stakeholders.

National Association of Peer Supporters (NAPS)

Members of N.A.P.S come together to share ideas and innovations, exchange resources and information, and provide unified consensus concerning issues affecting peer supporter communities. N.A.P.S provides free educational webinars for peer supporters as well as information about training certification and resources for supervisors. Receive additional benefits by purchasing a paid membership to N.A.P.S.. These benefits include learning communities, a job board, a national peer support data base and you will receive exclusive access to a number of growing discounts. 

Useful Links

The following agencies, departments and organizations can help you learn more about peer support, enhance your professional development, and/or provide opportunities to advocation on behalf of individuals in recovery.

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