The State of the Community Report (2018-19) by ACCESS California

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Many state-level and local-level mental health issues overlap. Because of this, ACCESS California (ACCESS) has focused the following State of the Community Report on the mental health issues impacting clients receiving services in California’s Public Mental Health System (PMHS) at both the state- and local levels. In seeking this information, ACCESS has engaged with mental health clients and community stakeholders as well as mental health agencies and providers across California. As California is a collective of diverse communities, all with different priorities and needs, it is imperative to assess the status of public mental health services throughout the state from the stakeholders’ perspective. After thoroughly reviewing related literature and surveying ACCESS participants, ACCESS has determined additional training is needed for both clients and PMHS leadership on the MHSA’s mandates as they relate to the Community Program Planning Process (CPP) and meaningful stakeholder inclusion in important PMHS decision-making. Furthermore, MHSA expenditures, specifically those for the CPP, are insufficient and lack transparency. Other issues affecting mental health stakeholders include affordable and stable housing, income insecurity, criminal justice reform, transitioning out of the foster care system, and access to mental health care. This Report explores these issues as well as recommendations for future efforts.

The whole report is available HERE.

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