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MHA National Family Caregivers Toolkit 2019

(Download here)

Over 100 years ago, our founder, Clifford W. Beers vowed to “fight in the open” for the rights of individuals living with mental illness. As an individual living with manic depression, he received a lot of support from his brother and in turn gave a lot of support to members of his family throughout his recovery.

Today, we continue to focus on the rights of individuals with mental illness and recognize the role that family members and loved ones play in recovery.

Mental Health America (MHA) is proud to recognize November as National Family Caregivers Month - a time to celebrate the contributions of caregivers, provide them with tools that they need, and continue to advocate for individuals with mental illness.

While it’s important for people with mental illnesses to have a voice and be involved in their own recovery, it’s equally important as caregivers to check in with their own mental health.

Since 2014, MHA has screened over 250,000 caregivers for mental health conditions at Over three-fourths of caregivers showed moderate or severe symptoms of a mental health condition.

MHA has developed its 2019 National Family Caregivers Month toolkit to help educate and empower caregivers as they strengthen relationships with their loved ones with mental illness.

With the right tools and perspectives, caregivers and their loved ones can work together as a team to accomplish goals, find a treatment plan that works, be prepared in the event of a crisis and work to move along the path to recovery.

Please join us and fight in the open to create an inclusive world for caregivers and their loved ones to thrive #together4mentalhealth.

This year’s toolkit includes:

• Key Messages

• Drop-In Article

• Sample Social Media Post Language

• Social Media Images for Sharing

• Additional Resources

• Fact Sheet: Setting Goals for Recovery

• Fact Sheet: HIPAA: What are a Caregiver’s Rights?

• Fact Sheet: New Treatment Options

• Fact Sheet: Talking to Treatment Providers

• Fact Sheet: Treatment Supports

• Poster (Landscape Orientation)

• Poster (Portrait Orientation)

• Be Prepared: Crisis Plan Worksheet

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