More accountability needed in mental health funding, advocates say

Advocates have pushed back against the restructuring of a law that guarantees funding for mental health services, while a local activist says Humboldt County’s use of that funding needs more transparency.

Ahead of a state budget subcommittee hearing last week over a possible refurbishing of the Mental Health Services Act, members of advocacy organization Cal Voices authored a letter saying the act doesn’t need to be changed — it simply requires better enforcement.

The organization also calls for better transparency and engagement in disbursing funds generated from the act, which voters passed in 2004.

“We ask that the Legislature do its part to include consumers and other stakeholders in any discussions regarding proposed updates, changes, or revisions to the MHSA by continuing to invite us to the table, seeking our guidance and feedback, and refusing to in any way amend the MHSA without the genuine participation of those who will be greatest affected,” reads the letter.

Read the full story HERE.

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