Peer, Friend and Self Support in the COVID-19 Crisis: How to Provide Support for Ourselves and Other

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

MHA webinar recap: Peer support during times of crisis is not a new topic, but the crisis we are now experiencing is unlike any we have faced before. As more and more of our communities have to enact severe restrictions on social interactions and freedom of movement, our more normal means of socializing and communicating with the world around us have changed. We now talk about quarantine, self-isolation and social distancing, and as a society we must find new ways to communicate, support others, and practice self-care as we adjust and develop our “new normal”.

This webinar speaks directly to skills and techniques we can utilize to maintain our collective health and provide the support we all need to cope with this time of fear, anxiety, and isolation. The techniques developed in behavioral health peer support can be adjusted and combined with new ideas developed by each of us in order to rise to the occasion.

Watch the recording or download the slides.

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