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How to hack family resilience when you’re so over being 10 feet from each other all day long

Everybody’s struggling. The strange world of distance learning can trigger kid behaviors you aren’t used to, from trouble focusing on today’s math assignment to full-blown, fists-pounding-the-floor tantrums. Meanwhile, you’re just trying to keep your job and, well, stay sane.

 There’s no one right way to respond to the stress. Maybe, like us, you haven’t worn real pants since March. Maybe planning for fall and winter has incited a sense of existential dread, and you’re contemplating emptying Target’s supply of toilet paper and Goldfish, just in case. 

As desperate as we are for business as usual, the stress likely isn’t going anywhere in the near future. That’s why it’s so important to stock up your arsenal of coping resources. Sure, we might not be able to change the doom-and-gloom circumstances — but, little by little, we can revive our capacity to handle what comes at our families. 

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