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Mental Health at Work: How to Care for Yourself in These Stressful Jobs

Let’s face it—no matter what your career, you’re likely to experience some sort of stress from time to time. Whether it’s the hours, pace, colleagues, or clients, every job from entry-level to executive will be emotionally and mentally challenging at some point. In fact, a survey from Mental Health America found 85% of employees say that workplace stress affects their mental health and 83% feel emotionally drained from work.

That said, some careers have a higher risk for mental health issues than others. For various reasons, certain jobs and industries are associated with increased rates of depression, suicide, and other mental health conditions that substantially impact people’s productivity, happiness, safety, and satisfaction at work.

This guide will explore the complexities of mental health at work, talk about the occupations that put you most at risk, and provide you with tips for supporting your mental health day in and day out.

Learn more here.

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