Mourning Holiday Traditions

Many of us may have started thinking about traditions a few weeks ago when being bombarded with Halloween decorations in mid-September. It could be overwhelming to realize that in a matter of weeks (which seemed to be going by more quickly than usual), we would be in the midst of “holiday” season.

But with the restrictions and adjustments to daily life that COVID-19 has brought, what will the holidays look like this year? How do we maintain traditions when everything else has changed? For many, the holidays are a time when traditions help us connect to ourselves and others and bring us back to the memories that are part of our upbringing. Often these traditions guide us through the end of the calendar year. For instance, in early November many people are usually making Thanksgiving plans, and work and school schedules are modified to make sure that we have time to get away. However, this year is different in so many ways for each one of us.

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