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National Family Caregivers Month

Mental Health America (MHA) is proud to recognize November as National Family Caregivers Month – a time to celebrate the contributions of caregivers and provide them with the tools that they need for their mental health.

Data from show that 46% of parents caring for a child said that they were taking a screen because of the stress of caregiving, so this year MHA is focusing on parents. Not all caregivers are parents, but all parents are caregivers and while parenting is greatly rewarding, it can also be really hard.

To address these needs, MHA has gathered a wealth of resources to help parents and other caregivers work through the challenges of caregiving, start conversations, deal with crisis, and address their own mental health. We’ve also created new resources for single parents, the sandwich generation, and new fathers – who may feel left out of parental health conversations.

Download the Toolkit!

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