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Register today for ACCESS California's virtual 2020 Annual Conference!

Join ACCESS California in this virtual event for our third annual conference, and hear three special presentations by Patrick Hendry the Vice President Peer Advocacy, Services and Supports, Kelly A. Davis, Director of Peer Advocacy, Supports and Services with Mental Health America, and Amy Farrington, Director of Certification, Florida Certification Board. Conference participants will learn more about the National Certified Peer Specialist (NCPS). Participants will also be provided with an overview of the ACCESS program's objectives, a summary of the program activities conducted thus far, and offer key findings on peer support in the public mental health system. Additionally, this conference creates opportunities for clients/consumers to participate in statewide policy discussions and collaborate with local and state policy makers, organizational leaders, providers, and the general public to address important issues impacting mental health services in local communities and affecting clients throughout California.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available for MHA-National Certified Peer Specialists (NCPS). NCPS requires 10 CEUs per year. Find out more here!

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