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About Peer Support

WISE U is a full-service peer training program for individuals who are seeking a full or part-time paid or volunteer peer position in the public mental health field. 

The program offers:

  • Peer Certification Training

  • Career Mentoring, coaching and support

  • Fieldwork Opportunities

  • Access to the WISE U Peer Job Portal

  • Membership in California Association of Peer Professionals (CAPP)

The Peer Certification training is based on California's 17 Core Competencies for Peer Support Specialists and is designed with recovery principles in mind. WISE U meets the training requirements for the following certifications:

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Minimum Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent degree

  • Self-identify as having experience with the process of recovery from a mental illness or substance use disorder, either as a consumer of these services or as the parent, caregiver or family member of a consumer

  • Be willing to share your experience

  • Have a strong dedication to recovery

  • Must be able to complete all 80 hours of training

  • Must know why you want to do peer support work within California's public mental health system

Upcoming Training Sessions

Our peer training certification sessions are designed for flexibility for participants. Training content is delivered 50% Live and 50% Pre-Recorded to allow individuals to manage their personal and professional schedules. Training hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 1pm followed by pre-recorded work that must be completed by midnight. Applications continuously accepted but applicants must apply by the deadline to attend a specific training sessions.


October 3 -17, 2022

Apply by 9/11/2022


December 5 - 16, 2022

Training Calendar (Coming Soon)

Apply by 11/13/2022

Apply today!

Application Process*

  1. Complete and submit the training application

  2. Participate in a mandatory Orientation

  3. Attend a Readiness Interview

  4. Complete a background check

*Acceptance in the training program is not automatic. Applicants will be informed by email whether or not they have been accepted into the training program.

Contact Us

Have questions? Need more information?

Contact WISE Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM | Phone: (916) 376-7736 | Email:

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Smiling Friends

[The] facilitators whole-heartedly believe in the program, personal stories, fun and laughter.

Asian Man

I really enjoyed the entire class. I liked the modules we received each day.

[I liked] the inclusivity and hard work WISE did to keep the training engaging and current, as well as updated and fun!

WISE (Workforce Integration Support & Education) is a program of Cal Voices, funded by HCAI with dollars from Prop 63 (MHSA)

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